Sunday, 27 March 2016


I was at a 6am Easter service this morning. In the outdoors. Didn't sleep too well so wasn't thinking too clearly this morning (so, what's new). Consequently went out much too underdressed for the weather. Cold...I can only remember being quite  so cold once in recent years. You know when you're so cold that (like needing a wee, or wearing too-tight shoes) it drives every other thought from your mind?

All day, I've felt the echo of that cold so not to waste the thought I set about bedding down some animals and cleaning half the goose shed (well, I have to leave some treats for tomorrow!). Yet again, when engaged in a job like this, the combination of exertion and tedium produced some really important concluding developments for Swallow Hall Murder. So, it's an ill-wind and it really was an evil wind at 6am this morning...

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