Sunday, 2 October 2016

Pet hates

Now, that I've had my own writing edited and examined I dare to stick my neck out and talk about some of my pet hates, in novels. There are more...but here's a start!
1. "Inward sighing" or inward anything...
2. Wish fulfilment, where very unlikely people indeed, fall at the feel of our heroine or hero.
3. People throwing cushions or pillows at each other...a shortcut for playfulness.
4.Women as too victimised and humiliated and especially, subject to torture and violence.
5. Labels indicating wealth and crap values.
6. Too much telling.
7. Laboured humour.
8. The word "gotten".
9. People fiddling with their hair.
10. Lazy stereotypes, e.g. stroppy, mouthy teenager.

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