Saturday, 30 July 2016

Enough editing - what about marketing...

A common theme amongst writers is an antipathy to marketing. "I'm a writer," you hear, "not a salesperson," There's no denying the fact that the two things are not always natural bedfellow. Sometimes, yes, the are, as witnessed by some meteoric success stories. But it is often the case that the kind of person who likes to hide away a bit and live in his/head (forgive the stereotypes) is not the natural self-publicist.

The other side of this is often expressed by my publisher amongst others and that is that the day has gone where you can quietly hang out in your garret and write. You see, there are an awful lot of books out there at the moment. So many sell in tiny numbers and they sometimes deserve to be better known, more read and reviewed. But, if people don't know about your book how can they read and review? I'd love any one else's thoughts on this very difficult area. 

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